Lorili Samara Azura 

 In a former time, called Layle


Lor, Lori, Lor Lor, Lili




.:dαтe oғ вιrтн:.

May 12, 1993






95.9 lbs



With coppery brown tresses that fall neatly to her shoulders, bright azure optics peer from beneath flat-cut bangs. Her frame is very wire-like, her tiny weight allowing for her to be picked up with little to no effort. Her arms and legs carry various scars from her childhood, and some days, she will even enter the clearing with fresh wounds from a fall or something else. 



Lorili normally is a very optimistic person, laughing all the time. On a daily basis, she scales the tallest of trees, but never seems to get hurt after falling from them. Her lifestyle is very centered around her friends. And when they fight, it sometimes will force her to the snapping point. Lorili often gets very excited and hyper, running around and acting crazy when it does happen. She rarely cries if she can help it, but she seems very adept and in tune to the emotions of the people around her. She quickly calms down when the mood turns serious or angry and turns her current personality to fit the situation. Lorili HATES fighting. Whether it is between her friends, or someone is attacking her. She wants nothing to do with it. If attacked, she will often flee or try to find some passive way to defend herself. Most of her efforts do not work however. It is only if her friends are attacked that she will possibly act, jumping on the attacker or tackling him/her.   



~Snakes. She will often become paralyzed in fear at the sight of a snake.

~Trees being cut down. The sight of a tree being injured in any way break her heart, and she will freak out slightly.

~Her friends dying or being injured. Her friends are the most important things to her that she has, so if they get injured or die, she will normally become depressed or she will get very overprotective, concerned, and worried. Depending on the situation.

~Fighting. She can't stand fighting, nor will she ever effectively defend herself.  

~Blood. Just the sight of sanguine will make her face pale and force her to turn away. 



 Climbing trees, trees, forests, the Clearing, her Treehouse, nice people, friends, cookies, bunnies, woodland creatures, horizon lines, birds, sparkly objects, normally shaped rocks, her friends, acting crazy, the sky, Kitties



Cupcakes, sharp objects, weapons, people that are pure evil, blood, death, people hurting her, being hurt, others being hurt, deforestation, cutting down trees (She cannot stand this sound), killing, fighting, frogs, worms, and odd shaped rocks that look like other things, Deathly afraid of Snakes. 

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